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For Attorneys and Individuals

Our investigations have resulted in reduced sentences and dismissals for attorneys and their clients.

Attorneys:  Private investigators are the key to being able to put together a defense strategy that will get your client the best possible outcome in court. Too often attorneys wait until they are getting notices from the District Attorney’s Office about preparing for trial before they enlist the services of a private investigator. Some attorneys are reluctant to hire a private investigator because they think the process is difficult and time consuming. This is not the case. Getting a private investigator is the easiest expert to get approval for from Indigent Defense Services. Getting a Private Investigator involved in your case early will give you the information you need to work with the DA’s office to get the best results possible for your client.


Individuals: The Government has investigators, shouldn’t you? If you are charged with a crime, especially a felony, talk to your attorney about what a private investigator can do for you.  We work closely with attorneys and their clients to locate the evidence necessary to defend your criminal charges.  Our investigations are conducted on a case-by-case basis, specifically tailored to your individual case needs.  Services may include crime scene investigation, witness location, interviews, affidavits, photographs, in-depth background checks, and many other services.



When counseling and other services don’t work for your relationship, our experienced investigators can assist you in gathering the evidence necessary to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. We do this by documenting activities using covert physical, electronic and video surveillance. Our goal is to help you obtain the evidence you need to make a rational decision about your situation.  All of our investigations are conducted with the upmost discretion.

Information obtained discreetly to help you make the best decisions for your family

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